Putting the fun into refunds!

TodayPay® is an alternative payment method for refunds. It's free for merchants to use and customers get paid instantly.
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Fix your refund process & retain valuable customers

Did you know 94% of customers review the refund policy before purchasing? That's why Amazon Prime has a 74% conversion rate by offering hassle-free instant refund options. Our solution rewards loyalty and retention that drives customer lifetime value. Customers shop risk-free and buy more with our Better Refund™ experience.

TodayPay® turns your refunds into revenues.

Better Refund™ supercharges conversion and kills disputes

Save 5% on payment costs and fees

Save 5% on refund processing and admin costs because TodayPay® is free for merchants to issue instant refunds. Make your ecommerce channel a profit center and turn refunds into revenues.

Take control of your customer experience

No more being held hostage to payment processing delays and broken return shipping supply chains that anger you, and annoy your customers. You’re in control of the experience.

Kill chargebacks and eliminate disputes

Instant refund means instant gratification. If things don’t work out on a purchase, customers have no need to raise expensive disputes and waste your time. That enhances your precious authorization rates helping you sell more stuff.

Retain and reward loyal customers

Reward loyal customers with the benefit of an instant refund option. Lose the purchase but keep the customer. They'll buy more from you again and tell their friends about the incredible customer experience. Time is money.

How it works


Convert more and dispute less with an alternative payment method for refunds.
Open account in less than a minute

Simple setup process for Enterprise customers and small businesses.

Pick your integration setup

Add our API to your existing return workflow, integrate to your AI chatbot, contact center agents or add the widget

Refunds problem is finally solved!

You retained an unhappy customer with a delightful experience and they'll buy from you again.

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Earn cashback rewards on refunds in the payment method of your choice.
Choose TodayPay®

Get your refund issued and received instantly, in the payment method of your choice. No more needless waiting.

Text message arrives

TodayPay will send you a text message via email or phone with a  link to the portal to receive your instant refund value.

Instant gratification awaits!

Choose the speed, payment method and even earn rewards. Imagine buying a $100 item, and getting $102 instant refund!

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Our mission

TodayPay® is the the world's first faster refund payment method and inventor of Refunds as a Service™ category. That means helping merchants, marketplaces, logistics, issuers, and insurers disburse value to their customers instantly, in the payment method and speed of their choice.

“The speed of a payment can change someone’s life.”
Jeremy Balkin, Founder & CEO

"TodayPay has the world's best alternative refund solution. They make refunds simple, convenient and fun!"

Meet the team

Jeremy Balkin Founder & CEO Today Pay

Led by payments industry veteran and former Head of FinTech for J.P. Morgan.

Read “Payments Are Eating The World” (PDF)
Jeremy Balkin
Founder & CEO

World class team of payment technology professionals with experience and pedigree.

Premier industry research “Where Is My Refund?”

TodayPay and The Refunds Blog™ commissioned the most comprehensive refund research study ever undertaken to understand U.S. consumer refund preferences.

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Where is my refund? - report

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Ready to win? TodayPay is an alternative payment method for refunds. It's free for merchants to use and your customers get paid instantly.

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